[01/25/2005] UPDATE on the Size K situation: No more batteries are available for sale. I am leaving this page up for a while at least, for posterity. No more orders will be accepted. C'est la vie...

(If I am able to locate any more batteries (there's a rumor...), or if any of the current outstanding orders fall through, I'll update the situation here.)


Size K Batteries - Available!

Only $16.95 each, while they last!

Click here to order!


All good things must come to an end. Our supply of these batteries is running low, faster than we anticipated!

We want to try to ensure that they get to as many people as possible, so we've instituted some ordering restrictions.

Effective immediately, we're limiting purchases to a maximum of two batteries per customer (person, family, company, address, etc.), priced $16.95 each.

We do not anticipate being able to offer these for much longer. We're about at the point where we're dipping into the reserve we'd planned on setting aside for ourselves, for our own use, and to go with the Pocket Instamatics we'll be selling.

If you need a Size K battery, this is the time to get it!

I managed to buy a crate of brand new Kodak Size K batteries a while ago, and now they're almost all gone!

If you need these, you really need ’em, and you know that they’re scarce as hen’s teeth!

After extensive research, the best information I could find was that the last “sighting in the wild” was in the Radio Shack 2000 catalog, stock number 10048601, at $19.95 each!

Shipping information 

Easy to purchase -- You can pay via Paypal, or, you can send a money order via US Mail.

Order your Size K Batteries today!



Got the batteries today. Thanx for the quick service. Product is excellent. Would recommend you to anyone.

Frank Freedman from Vidalia GA

I received the K batteries and am pleased with the items. The batteries seem to function well in my Kodak Instamatic 60. You have also been very diligent in keeping me informed about the shipping which is greatly appreciated.

Richard Dell from Ohio

For years I searched for Type K batteries and then a nudge from a friend (email contact) in England told me of their availability here ! So now I have two batteries in storage - paid for via PayPal and all done with no hassles inside a week. Thanks Susan (and Ron) for brilliant service - I can recommend your service without any hesitation.

Dave Durnford, Christchurch


“How old are they?”

Several people have asked me when these batteries were manufactured. I don’t have anything definitive, other than being quite confident that the “07-86” code on the package is not a date stamp. (I’m pretty sure it’s a manufacturing run number, like the emulsion batch numbers found on film boxes.) These batteries do not appear to be from that period. The trade dress is quite modern, and there is no tarnishing or other sign of age. They're fresh! If I had to venture a guess, I’d think they’re probably from the last known production, which would have been from 2000 or thereabouts (that’s when the last “sighting” occurred, in the Radio Shack 2000 catalog).




Look at these beauties! Brand new, carded and sealed, in factory-fresh condition!




Gold-tipped, made in Japan for Kodak, these are probably the best Size K batteries ever made.



How long have you been looking for a Size K battery for your treasured Pocket Instamatic 60, or Trimlite 48, or other top quality 110 camera?

I’m not much of a “hard sell” type guy, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t urge you to get them now if you need them, because when they’re gone, they’re really gone! 



Order yours today!

Size K Battery Order Page


Here are some great sites that cover the Pocket Instamatic, and other cameras:

  • Check out the BPW Limited Photographic Equipment site. Brian buys, sells, and trades all types of photographic equipment, and has enough goodies to make your mouth water. I really enjoy his Soviet Camera Pages. He's got a lot of really interesting Russian equipment, including some I've never seen anywhere else. (If you haven't picked up any of the better "ex-sov" cameras, you're in for a shock. They made some really beautiful equipment in their heyday, and you can still pick up some great deals on excellent cameras, with amazing optics.

  • John Cooper’s Camera Collector site covers many of the cameras that use these batteries, and he’s even got some for sale that you can add to your collection.

  • Michael Butkus’ Chinon Camera site – it’s got online manuals for all sorts of cameras – Rollei, Zeiss, Yashica, etc.

  • The Sub Club -- a wealth of information on these little cameras, quite a resource! They cover my Size K batteries on this page.

  • The  Submini.org site is the home of the Submini-L, SubminiSales, and Submini-L TECH lists, and it has the archives available for your browsing and research. It’s an invaluable resource!


Even if you don’t need any Size K batteries, check out The Obfuscatron! It’s a free HTML email address encoder-obfuscator. I used it for the email links on this site, to immunize them against the noxious spammers who trawl the web looking for MailTo: links to harvest.

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